With our help, YOU can make your own professionally produced audio CD that you can sell.

If you have knowledge that could be useful to others, we can turn that knowledge into a CD recording which then becomes a product you can market and sell.

For example, a massage therapist uses methods to help clients relax.
Those calming words and suggestions can, with our help, be  turned into a relaxation CD which customers are
able to buy and use later at home.
The CD then becomes an additional way to assist clients. It also adds further potential income and helps
greatly with branding and image.

The above example will also work for:

Guided Meditations
Depression Relief
Weight Loss
Self Healing

In fact, there is quite a range of other situations that could benefit from a guided bespoke CD.
The only limitation is your own imagination.
and the best bit………….?

NO upfront costs for recording
NO minimum order quantities
NO expensive charges for our services.

Give us a call to discuss your ideas and we will explain without obligation, how our service works and
what you get as an end product.
We have produced many CDs for satisfied customers and they prove this by coming
back to us for their new projects.

Pick up the phone, give us a call, and you could be selling your own audio CDs before Christmas