All We Are Saying

All We Are Saying (Artists for Peace) is an artist-led organisation promoting and celebrating peace in the home, community and globally. We also have a concern about the plight of refugees and stateless peoples. We are non-religious, non-political, non-partisan, and non-commercial. We, to date, are zero funded.
Peace Poetry is a collection of poems submitted by six poets who appeared at the launch of Mapping Armageddon at the Arts Centre Washington, Sunderland in November 2016. The work was considered so powerful and moving that AWAS* decided to release it to a wider audience.

Insight Web Design are pleased to provide a page in support of the AWAS campaign. They are holding an exhibition at Sunderland Minster in 2017.
The CD (Peace Poetry) can be purchased using the PayPal button on this page.  Proceeds will be used to fund this, and other AWAS events.
*All We Are Saying


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